NFTY DeFi Protocol

NFTY – The Reputation Layer for NFTs

Eliminate fraud, scams, and low quality items in the world of art and collectibles


$NFTY Token

The Currency For NFTs

The NFTY ERC-20 Token is used with the NIFTY Protocol to StakeAdvocate, and Vote. These activities build a user’s Reputation


NFTY users can Stake their $NFTY to build their Reputation and Social Ranking, unlocking the option to Advocate for NFTs while gaining 13.579% APR in rewards and gain access to exclusive NFTs only available to long-term stakers (Coming October 2021)


Promoting great art pays off. Use staked NFTY Token to ‘upvote’ NFTs that will yield the highest returns. After the NFT is sold, rewards in USDT are given to Advocates in proportion to the total NFTY they have allocated to the pool


NFTY users have influence. Social Rank carries voting power. Voting shapes NFTY’s governance


Building a resumé in DeFi. Reputation is determined by how much and how long NFTY is staked

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