NFTY Token Price More than Quadruples in 48 Hours

Launch of the NFTY Token Attracts Immense and Diverse Interest 

New York City, New York, September 24, 2021. The NFTY Token was listed on Uniswap on September 21st. Beginning at 10 cents, the price passed 41 cents at 9 EST last night. Buyers have bought anywhere from 0.0032 ETH ($10) to 40 ETH ($125,000) of NFTY. Half of the total supply in Uniswap has been purchased. 

“The launch exceeded all of our expectations,” CEO Chris Mills commented. “We have a completely novel concept and one of the most solid teams in the industry. It’s the perfect combination and people are responding to it.”

These features include advocacy, staking, and voting. They are meant to elevate the discoverability of quality NFTs. NFTY lets people interact with the NFT ecosystem in a more meaningful way.

“Blockchain is a decentralized solution,” co-founder Alyze Sam stated, “but NFT platforms are trying to address their problems in a top-down manner. It’s a break from the spirit of the technology and it’s not working. That’s why we made NFTY.”

NFTY can be integrated with multiple NFT platforms. VLBO, a luxury auction house, is its first adapter. Despite the bearishness of the crypto market this week, NFTY has risen rapidly. CPO Jean-Phillipe Beaudet, an expert in tokenomics and founder of the World Data Forum, said “the token’s utility is obvious to anyone familiar with NFTs. This is why we’re seeing so much enthusiasm.” 

NFTY will be listed on more exchanges in the coming weeks. The NFTY DeFi protocol will be launched on November 1st. 


Ed Mills, CMO 

[email protected]


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About NFTY 

NFTY is the first reputation-based ERC-20 utility token for NFTs. NIFTY Protocol to stake, advocate, and vote. Alongside VLBO, the world’s first luxury NFT auction house, NFTY is offering decentralized solutions for NFT creators and collectors. 


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